How to Clean Our Room

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Hello children it is time for us to learn how to clean our room and make it easy to keep it that way. This is going to be an easy read; as well as a guide to help you clean your room and keep it that way. Hopefully you will have fun with this and learn how to clean your room. You will be very happy with yourself and feel much better about cleaning your room. If you follow these steps you will not have any problems keeping your room clean.
You will start by finding a radio or something you enjoy listening to your favorite music on. Once you have your radio or music player make sure it is in a place that it will not get knocked off, you will want to listen to your music because it gives you a beat to clean to. Having your music will help keep you motivated, and keep you in the mood to clean your room.
Now, let’s start cleaning your room! You will start by picking up all your dirty cloths and putting them where mom keep’s them before washing. After all of your clothes are put in its proper place check to see if your bed clothes (sheets, blankets, and pillow cases) need to be washed as well; if so place them with your dirty clothes, if not make the beds properly. Once you have done that you will want to take your toy box and clean it out, get rid of all broken and unwanted toys. After you have cleaned out your toy box you will want to put all of your toys back in it. Wow, look at you go! Okay it is time for you to make sure you have not missed any cloths or toys, if you see anything out of place put it where it belongs.
You will also want to take all of your books off your bookshelf; go through them and get rid of the ones you no longer read or want. Once you have done away with the ones you do not want, you will want to clean each shelf with a rag and ask your mom what you can dust them with. After you have done your dusting; place your books back on the shelves neatly. Almost done you should be proud of yourself!
Okay, now that you have made sure all your

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