How to Choose a Good Roommate

Topics: Friendship, Friends, Virtue Pages: 2 (675 words) Published: October 13, 2012
How to choose a good roommate
Today, numerous people share rooms with their roommates everywhere. I used to live with roommates when I studied in university and worked in big cities. This phenomenon is very common currently. Many students live with other classmates in one dormitory on campus; some workers share the room with other people in big city because of the high rent fee; the others who living with someone else would feel safety and take care of each other. So, for these people, it is very important to find a nice person to live together. I would choose a good roommate who has some good characters such as integrity, keep everything clean and good at communication. First of all, the person must be honest and straightforward. Before the person becomes your roommate, you don’t know what he or she really is. So honest must be the key character for consideration. An honest man would never cheat you, annoy your life or even threat you safety. If a person, for instance, is dishonest, he or she may steal your stuff or money, or bring bad friends into your room. Such bad things will effect your peaceful life even make you feel danger. However, how can we recognize whether a person integrity or not. For me, I would like to review it into three different backgrounds. The first one is the family background. The person who grew up in a good family would not do such immoral things to other people. The second aspect is the education level. If the person gets well education, he or she must have many abilities which include the basic one-honest. The last one is related with the job and social backgrounds. I prefer to choose a roommate who will be introduced from my colleagues or friends. Because I can get more information from them to get know my roommate well. Second, when two or more people live together, each one has to respect the others. We can not be self-fish. I think to keep our common living space clean and comfortable is very important. After one day’s hard...
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