How to Change a Tire

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How to Change a Car Tire

On a hot summer day in July, I was driving on the highway and I heard a loud noise coming from underneath the car. The car began to shake vigorously. I tensed my grip on the steering wheel and quickly put on my right signal. .I slowly pulled over to the right shoulder. I jumped out of the car and noticed my right front tire was flat .I started to panic being alone and not knowing how to change a flat tire. I had just passed my driver license test only six months ago and had never experienced this problem. I pulled out my cell phone and called my Dad. I explained the situation and asked if he could come help change the flat tire. He said yes that he could help but sounded angry when I told him I was in Roseville. I sat and waited in the hot sun for 45 minutes until he arrived. This whole situation could have been avoided if I knew how to change a flat tire. It is not too hard to change a car tire. Everyone who drives should know how to change a car tire. This is an easy task to learn and you should master this skill, because you never know what may happen. When you are driving it is always a possibility that you may need to change a flat tire. Never say 'I will never have to do that.” When you change a car tire, make sure you have all of the things you will need and make sure they are in the car before you start driving. The items you will need will most likely be in the trunk. You will need a tire iron, a jack, and the spare tire. You may also need a chalk to put behind one of the back tires, to keep the car from rolling. All of these things are needed if you want to successfully change a car tire. Flurey2

The very first thing you do after you realize you need to change one of your tires is to turn you hazard lights on. This will inform the other cars on the road that they should take caution while driving near or past you....
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