How to Change a Flat Tire on a Freeway

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How to change a flat tire on a freeway
Changing a tire is a useful skill to know, whether stranded on the highway or just changing it at home. A lot of people seem to be scared to change their own tire, usually in front of the car falling off the jack and landing on them or them forgetting to tighten the lug-nuts and the tire falling off while they are driving. As long as you do everything correctly, there is nothing to worry about. Main things you need to complete this task are a spare tire, jack, tire iron and a brick to block your tire off. First of all you want to set your parking brake, whether it is a hand or foot brake, SET IT!! This will obviously lock your tires. Next you want to get out your spare tire, tire iron and car jack. Before you even touch your flat tire, you want to wedge the brick under the opposite tire in front of the tire and in back of it, use your tire iron to loosen, but do NOT remove the lug-nuts. Once the nuts are loose you want to raise the car with the jack, be sure to place the jack on flat ground directly under the frame of the car, because that is the strongest part of the car. Jack the car up so that the tire you are changing is about six inches off the ground. Next you want to remove all the nuts, and then simply remove the tire. Then you want to put your spare tire on then screw your lug-nuts on just a finger tight. Once you have them all finger tight, take your tire wrench and tighten the bolts as hard as you can, but do it in a star pattern. Do the top nut first, and then the bottom, then right, then left and so forth. There you have it, I have explained to you seven easy steps to changing your tire. Be sure to get your tire fixed as quickly as you can because spare tire are only regulated for sixty miles. So when it comes to Changing a tire it is a useful skill to know, whether stranded on the highway or just changing it at home the job is easy.
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