How to Change the World

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Here are twenty things that you can do to change people’s lives, yourself, and the world. These are in no particular order. 1 – Adopt – Adopting someone is one of the greatest things you can do. You’ll change your life and someone else’s. Adopt a baby, a child, or a teen. By being adopted they’ll always know that there is truly kind people in the world and they’ll pay it back to society. 2 – Just Be Nice – This is something EVERYONE can do, you don’t need any money or any talent. Hold the door for someone, smile, or say hello. You will change someone’s whole day, week, month, year, or maybe even life. Then they’ll be nicer to others, which will just continue the cycle and you won’t even realize that YOU changed THOUSANDS of lives. 3 – Donate – Donate blood, food, time, money, or whatever you can. Donate online, help entrepreneurs in developing countries on Kiva, lend to people on Prosper, or just play the simple game on FreeRice. 4 – Be Positive – Bring more positivity into the world. It so simple but so effective. 5 – Listen – Listen to people, let them talk, learn about their lives, sometimes that’s all someone needs. 6 – Start a Business – Become a social entrepreneur with a company that donates a portion of your profits to charity, or employ those “at risk”. Don’t hire those who graduated from the most prestigious universities and had an easy life, hire those that struggled and triumphed through adversity. They’ll work the hardest because they know what it takes. 7 – Create Art – “Paint” the world. Create more music, paintings, writings, photography, or any other art. Art inspires, motivates, and changes lives. 8 – Get Vocal – Have a cause that you’re passionate about? Get out there and make your voice heard. Hold rallies, protest, write letters, write articles in newspapers, blog about it, or start a forum. Being silent isn’t going to do anything. 9 – Be a Great Parent – Teach your children about the world and how they can change it. Teach them that the possibilities of life are limitless. 10 - Pick Up Trash – No one seems to do this. Just pick up trash that you see lying on the ground. Every little bit helps. 11 – Talk – When you’re done listening, talk. Talk about their life, your life, the weather. Talk to strangers sitting next to you on a bench. You never know where it can lead. 12 – Be an Inspiration – Do something that people said you could never do. Take risks and succeed! This will inspire others to do the same and continue the cycle. 13 – Become a Teacher – Become a teacher with the true ambition of teaching children to succeed in school and in life. Teach from books but also teach from life. 14 – Become a Surrogate Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Whatever – Many children and adults who lost or were abandoned by a family member may desire to fill that void. Many children from broken families need help to break the cycle and statistics. Become a Big Brother or Big Sister, be someone they never had. 15 – Vote – Vote in your local elections and national elections. Choose a candidate that can truly follow through, not the one that promises all these grand plans that never seem to pan out. 16 – Don’t Be Judgmental- Too many people judge others on the way they look. You can’t judge a book by its cover. Someone may look completely different than you on the outside but be completely the same on the inside. 17 – Travel the World – Travel around the world and experience new places. Help the economies and people of foreign countries. Embrace their cultures and share your experiences of them with people you know. 18 – Dream & Do: Dream of a better world then go out there and create it. Dreams become reality with enough work and determination. 19 – Focus – Focus on one of these ideas or another one you came up with. Pour all of your energy into one idea until you succeed in changing someone, yourself, or the world. After you do that, then focus on another idea. 20 – Do Something With Your Life! – You don’t have to be...
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