How to Change the World

Topics: Global warming, Middle class, Social class Pages: 3 (986 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Jessica Wirawan
Essay 5 Sociology
How to change the world?
In the article “Climate Change, Coming home: Global Warming Effects on populations”, we have learned from “Sarah DeWeerdt” that global warming lead to more than just one effects on our society. One thing leads to another that leads to anoher and the chain is never ending. The changing in the rainfall frequency leads to insufficient amount and bad quality of the crops which leads to malnutrition. Malnutrition causes diseases. Natural disasters is another the potential affect of the climate change although there is no certain evidence that climate change cause a specific big event like Hurricane Catrina(DeWeerdt). However a study asserts “magnitude and timing of the heat wave were consistent with computer models of climate change” (DeWeerdt). Human is highly responsible for this changes. It is hard to say that we should refrain the burning of fossil fuels. People have no choice but to generate a vast amount energy for the living and thus inevitably leading to climate change. Let’s start from the household use of the burning of fossil fuel. Research found out that “urban air pollution is caused primarily by emission from automobiles and secondarily by emissions from electric power plants and heavy industries”(Sociology 427). If residence in the busy city like Los Angeles increase carpooling in their household like during the Olympics in 1984, the ozone levels might drop more than the impact back then has resulted which is a 12 percent drop (Sociology 427). But once the Olympic is over people are back to their routine that is stop carpooling. It is hard to get out from the comfort zone and make a change to something insignifant to us like 12 percent drop in ozone level. And thus it is inevitable to keep polluting our society to provide sufficient energy to transport a dad to go to work, a child to go to school and a mom to do grocery shopping. Besides the household, the factories and...
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