How to Change Society

Topics: Revolution, Rebellion, High school Pages: 4 (1107 words) Published: April 1, 2013
w socir * Change is definitely something that no object or being can escape. It is inevitable, and cannot possibly be controlled willfully by human intellect. From a trivial change in fashion to the incomprehensible climatic changes such as the Ice Age, mutability is the fundamental characteristic of existence. As humans, we are used to changes in temperature, opinion, and even bodily functions. We wear appropriate clothing if the weather suddenly changes. We even act accordingly if our own body changes. However, while change is inescapable, it is wrong to suggest that all change is good. *

Just as a teenager finds it difficult to adapt when his body's homeostasis is disturbed during puberty, humans in general always find it difficult to adapt to change. We always prefer homeostasis than change. For example, a middle school boy always finds it difficult to adjust to the new atmosphere when he enters his freshman year in high school. His tight-knit community of teachers and students in middle school is gone, and he is presented with a vast, independence-oriented atmosphere. He finds the new building to be an incomprehensible maze that he couldn't navigate through. He finds the teachers to be not nearly as caring and accessible for individual training. Of course, the harder high school course material and the intimidating tall seniors are only more of a burden to our poor freshman. He will eventually adapt, but of course, change isn't necessarily good for him.

Another instance where change isn't always good is when a young girl goes through adolescence and becomes a young lady. All of a sudden, she is subject to menstruation, acne, and many more female-oriented symptoms of adolescence. Her first menstruation might be a sudden and terrifying experience. After she recovers from that shocking change, she has aches, acne, and other problems that adolescents go through. In many cases, such as acne, the body might take years to adapt to the change in...
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