How to Change Brake Pads on a Vehicle with Disc Brakes

Topics: Brake, Automobile, Disc brake Pages: 2 (625 words) Published: May 15, 2012
Replacing disc brakes on a vehicle is not as hard as a person might think. It takes basic tools and a little mechanical ability. I will be explaining the process of this job, as well as the tools and parts needed to complete it. Also talking about how you would know your brakes were due to be changed. After starting this job the vehicle will be in operable until work is completed. It is important that at the start of this job, a person has all of the tools and parts needed to complete it.

If a squealing sound is heard from the brakes while slowing down and stopping all the time that is a good indication to check the brakes. Brakes pads come with metal clips on them called squealers it’s like an alarm telling people they are worn out. Changing brake pads is a job that can be done just about anywhere a person has access to tools. A jack and at least one jack stand are needed to lift the car properly. Having two stands would be ideal, allowing the person to change both driver and passenger brakes without having to lower and raise vehicle again. A lug wrench/tire iron will be needed to remove the lug nuts. The caliper compression tool can either be rented or bought at any local auto parts store. Brake pads as well as brake lubrication grease will also be used. Having a basic set of wrenches or sockets to remove the caliper bolt is a must. Working on a flat level surface would be ideal but not necessary. Make sure the vehicle is in park with the emergency brake applied. Break loose the front lug nuts about half a turn counter clockwise do not remove. Find a point under the vehicle to begin jacking it up from. Once the vehicles front tires are off the ground, place the jack stands on each side of the vehicle under the frame. Now begin to lower the jack until most of the weight of the vehicle is on the stands and leave jack in place. Now continue removing the lug nuts as well as the tires. At this point you can now see the rotor, brake pads, caliper, and caliper...
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