How to can you contribute your good governance practice and leadership for the devolopment of your country

Topics: Governance, Political corruption, Skill Pages: 1 (299 words) Published: March 31, 2014
Lack of proper governance within public and private institutions reduces the chance of such institutions from achieving and sustaining effective administration. It becomes hard to achieve goals and objectives with lack of efficient service delivery. There is always a connection between good governance, effective leadership, and economic prosperity. This essay will elaborate how I can utilize my good governance and leadership skills for the development of our country.

Competency is one of the important qualities of an effective leader. I will use competency to ensure all government policies are implemented with exceptional effectiveness. High level of service delivery will be a priority because it enhances the proper utilization of government’s resources. Accountability is another leadership skill that I will utilize effectively. This is through the acknowledgement and assumption of responsibility for all actions, policies, and decisions. Accountability will create trust and will ensure that procedures are carried out using the stated regulations and rules. Corruption will be outdated since I will be accountable for all activities.

Transparency builds integrity, which helps an individual acquire strong internal guiding principles. Transparency means that I am dedicated to achieving the relevant targeted objectives. Through openness, there will be free flow of information among the public and me . This would enhance proper relationship with the public, as they will have access to the information they may need. Effective communication is another aspect that I will use. This will provide a platform where the access of information to everyone is easier. This includes sharing of ideas, receiving information and giving feedback to the public. Consequently, effective leadership and legitimate governance are the essential factors to a highly effective government. Using the above examples, I will help our government in providing satisfactory service delivery to the...
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