How to Buy Life Insurance Online Without an Agent

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How to Buy Life Insurance

Family wage earners who have responsibilities now have responsibilities after they pass on. Families that are left destitute often end up that way because the family moneymaker didn't want to think about his or her own death or what would happen after he or she died. Don't leave your family in a bad situation because you didn't want to deal with the inevitable. Quit avoiding the subject and buy life life insurance now. This report will show you how to buy life insurance and how much you need.


You don't need life insurance if you don't have a family or other loved ones who depend upon you for support. If you do have family that you want to provide for in the event of your untimely death, how much life insurance do you need ?

A simple formula that takes into account the age of your children, the cost of educating your children, your spouse's earnings and the mortgage payment will help determine a realistic figure.

In the best of all worlds, your family would be completely taken care of forever, but since you are looking at the possibility of your own death, the best of all worlds scenario does not exist. Think about what is realistic in terms of what you can afford now.

Your death should not be like winning the lottery for your loved ones, nor should it be a quick trip to poverty. It's a balancing act between meeting your current needs and taking care of business after your death.

If your spouse makes more money than you, take that into consideration. If you live near family and those left behind will have help taking care of the kids, take that into consideration too. Before figuring out exactly what you think you need, remember that life insurance is only for what you can't afford to do without. If you die, your spouse doesn't need a new car or a vacation. She needs time to get her life together and enough money to carry on without a major shift in her lifestyle, either up or down.

Finally, don't...
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