How to Built Rocket

Topics: Internal combustion engine, Liquid, Engine Pages: 1 (398 words) Published: October 23, 2012
We started building from the capsule and parachute. First under the capsule we added decoupler and followed that with advance S.A.S, FL-T500 fuel tank, and a LV-T45 liquid fuel engine. After that we used three symmetry tool and placed radial decouplers as low as possible and placed AV-R8 winglets on it as low as possible as well. We used decouplers because we want it to detach on our way back and used winglets because it makes best landing, they are light, and they will not band or fall off. After that we added decoupler to the bottom of our rocket. Then we moved three radial decouplers one stage up and moved liquid engine one stage down. So if we detach the rocket the wings will not fall off and engine would be already activated. Next we added tri-coupler and to that we stacked three sets of fuel tanks and underneath that we put LV-T45 liquid engine. Then we used strut connecter to hold it all together. Again we attached decouplers under the liquid engine and followed that by three set of fuel tanks, LV-T45 liquid engine and used strut connecter to hold it all together. After that we placed radial decoupler to the bottom of the second to the last stage as low as possible and on that we put another radial decoupler. Then we put solid fuel booster on radial decopler as low as possible. Next we placed tri-coupler under solid fuel booster. After that we placed three sets of nine FL-T500 fuel tanks, under that we put LV-T30 liquid fuel engines. We used LV-T30 liquid fuel engine because it is more powerful and give us the boost we need to leave the atmosphere. After that we tied whole rocket together. First we tied each of the external stacks together, then we tied each stack to the next stacks, after that we tied external stacks with internal stacks. next we need to create stage after the stage five, and add radial decouplers to the new stage . we did this because external stacks use their fuel more quickly than the internal stacks. So we need to discard the...
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