how to build a better future in latin america

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How to build a better future for Latin America

Latin America faces important development challenges. Problems that faced new nations in Latin America included political instability and foreign economic drop downs, civil wars, revolutions and regimes. Leaders who tried to modernize their territories also had to face the opposition of powerful and traditional situations like believes and influences from radical leaders. Despite these problems, to me there are some problems we have to oppose. Body

I believe the urgent problem that is facing Latin society is corruption. Corruption is an act that many people wear like raincoat: eat with it, bathe with it, and mingle with it. People do not indulge in corrupt practice because they like doing so, rather, there are causes. These causes of corruption are many, because they are dependent on the environment. The causes of corruption are many, ranging from weak to solid causes. Despite these situations, corruption can be reduced. Nations will wear a beautiful look if the solutions to be unfolded are adhered to. Besides the corruption, there are other problems related to this. For instance, we have poverty which some people call as a disease, in many places as the poor wants to make money either by hook or by crook.  The poor do not have what they will eat and because of that, they engage in dirty activities to earn their living. Finally we have illiteracy, this is ignorant in a particular subject or activity. Most corrupt countries in the world have the highest number of illiterates. For instance schooling may only be compulsory in elementary grades, lack of entrepreneurship by the educated to share and spread knowledge, preference to work rather than to study or the available resources cover only a tiny fraction of the population. But how we can stop the problems in Latin America?

We can start by education. I believe this is a main thing to build a strong culture and economy. The problem stems from our...
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