How to Boost Tourism

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How to boost tourism in Singapore?
(Taking into consideration of hotel and food & beverage)

table of contents 1. Introduction 2. Singapore Tourism Board (STB) 3. Overview of the trend of Singapore’s tourism 4. The impacts of tourism in Singapore perspective 5. Current situation of Singapore tourism 6. Strategic response for the situation 7. Conclusion 8. References|

Tourism is known as a tertiary industry because it deals mainly with the provision of services. In today’s time, tourism is already one of the largest and fastest growing industries in the world. The number of people travelling for pleasure or business has been growing in rapidly increase rate. In recent years, when terrorisms enter the world and when Singapore is building the integrated resort at Marina and etc, all these are going to affect us in different ways. There are times when the number of tourists coming to Singapore had declined or even increase greatly.

Singapore Tourism Board (STB)
The Singapore Tourist Promotion Board (STPB) which was officially acknowledged by the government in 1964 was later renamed to Singapore Tourism Board (STB) in 1997. During the first year of establishment in 1964, the number of tourist visited Singapore was estimated to 91,000. STB has many extensive networks of offices outspread around the globe to promote tourism. At present STB have 22 Regional Offices and 2 Marketing Representatives spread over eight regions. STB's goal is to establish exciting and innovative experiences for our visitors, together adjacent partnership with the trade industry, thus drawing a good impression in visitors' minds an image of Singapore as a uniquely and attractive place of destination. And STB has three main roles in promoting Tourism for Singapore, firstly promoting Singapore as a tourist destination, secondly promoting Singapore as a Tourism Business Centre and lastly promoting Singapore as a Tourism Hub. We are very clear about the roles of STB, but we do not know why these three roles are vital to STB. Therefore in this section we are going to go into depth about the reasons why these three roles are important.

Overview of the trend of Singapore’s tourism
Singapore makes itself to a tourist’s destination
So what kind of attractions will attract people to a destination? As tourists will bring in great wealth therefore Singapore have to understand the factors that will attract tourists to our country. Some of the factors that will make a destination attractive will include the accessibility, the availability of the amenities and the attractions in the country.

* Accessibility
Accessibility is very important to the development of a tourist spot. Most tourists will travel to places that are easy accessible destinations because they are usually much faster, easier and cheaper to reach. Thus the development of basic infrastructure such as express high way, roads, airport and railways are important for travel and tourism. Therefore, Singapore has Changi airport which is among the top ones in the world. Singapore also has lots of expressways and buses, taxies, MRT, LRT to let our tourists to travel around in Singapore easier and in shortest time. For example going to Sentosa, there are bridge linking from Singapore, motor vehicles and public buses are allowed into the island. Cable cars are also able to travel in through from Mount Faber. Good telecommunication networks (example: Internet Access) also contribute to the accessibility of a destination. Business traveler would want to keep in contact with their business acquaintances and keep up with their company events. Leisure travelers want to keep in touch with their family and friends even if they are far away from their home. Hence Singapore already has wireless connection and public phone all around them, so our tourists are able to communicate with their family or friend whenever and wherever they want.

* Availability of...

References: Chapter 4_ Changing Tourism, Pg 40-46, Marshall Cavendish international (Singapore) Ptd Ltd Management)
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