how to become a Pilot

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Imagine if you would with me, soaring over Mt. St. Helen 's, seeing remnants of the lava flow from the air. Imagine circling (slide) Mt. Lassen, or gliding out over the Pacific Ocean. Imagine being able to get into your small plane and being at Disneyland in 3.5 hours? Each of these experiences can be possible by getting your private pilots license.

People have dreamed of flying for many years, but it wasn 't possible until the Wright brothers brought that dream to reality at Kitty Hawk in 1903. Since then, airplanes have become a popular mode of travel.

(slide) I recently got my private pilots license and today I would like to share with you, (slide) first, what you need to get started, then what you need to do to meet the requirements, and finally what you can do once you 've obtained your license. So Let 's Get started:
1. What you need to get started A. Money is a consideration you need to make 1.How much will it cost? 2.According to the flight school, TNG Aviation, A minimum investment for private pilot license is $4,700. This number can very greatly. The actual cost of your lessons depends on two factors, 1.who you know, and 2. how fast you learn. 2. There are various ways to pay for a pilots license. There are two areas that you will need to finance - the instructor and the airplane. a. If you have the money, there are two-week condensed course options, but you will pay more for this. b. or you can spread your lessons and payments out over time, for example taking one lesson per week, and simply paying as you go. c. One option for financing the use of an airplane would be to barter. If you have a useful skill, such as painting, you might be able to trade your skill for the use of an airplane.
Transition: - now that you 've figured out how to pay for your lessons, let 's get started with the instruction. B. Finding an instructor is another consideration. 1. A good place to start is by visiting your

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