How to become a good manager

Topics: Family, Extended family, Marriage Pages: 3 (1522 words) Published: August 12, 2014
1- What are the advantages and disadvantages of nuclear family? A main advantage of the nuclear family is that a couple has ultimate privacy. Nuclear families incur less stress and trouble when moving into a new home. There is a specific sense of freedom that gives a nuclear family the ability to live life as they wish. It is also easier to avoid stress. A disadvantage is that children are left to take care of themselves. Another disadvantage is that the feeling of safety and security is lacking. There is also not much of a support system.

2- What are the advantages and disadvantages of extended family? Extended families are families where three or more generations are living in the same house. Usually, that means that the grandparents are living with their children and grandchildren. Research has shown that there are several advantages to living in extended families. Extended families are very important in countries where there is no social security net. Extended families help prevent elderly people from becoming poor. Another advantage is that the grandparents can look after the children. During the day, the grandparents watch the children to make sure that they are ok. And they also talk to the children when the parents are busy. This helps the children learn their language. And since the children are well taken care of, both of the parents are free to work on the farm or earn money in jobs. 

Sometimes you have no privacy because there are so many members... They can also cause conflict and problems, meddling in other family members' problems... 

While it is advantageous when you have a problem to have other members around to help, sharing other family members' problems can also become burdensome on other members... so that you not only have your own problems to worry about, but those of your extended family.

3- What are the advantages and disadvantages of polygamous family? Advantages of polygamy can be that stereotypical...
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