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To Become Emotional Maturity

Being a good person with a good emotional maturity is one of thing that many people want. But, being like that is not easy. Need an attempt. Do you know emotional maturity is? Emotional maturity is the capability of a person to control emotions. Emotional maturity also keep you doing the right thing and may help you to remain calm in the most difficult situations. Emotional Maturity is an important thing to become a good person. Why? Because emotional maturity as the ability to make a good, positive attitude, responsibility, accurate to choices and independent during the challenges of life. In fact, emotional maturity is an either way to develope self. So the question is, what should we do to become emotional maturity? There are three steps to become emotional maturity.

First, you must being present. It means you have to do something that is benecial to your life. If you are “asleep” at the moment, you can’t choose better response to your moment. For example, if you are not alert and aware, you will quickly slip into old and get negative ways of reacting. It’s hopeless of life. As a result, being present to this moment is a gateway to change your attitude to become a good person. You can realize about your situation and you know what you must to do.

Second, you have to exercise responsibility. Responsibility is related with maturity. Responsibility has to do with your choices about how to think, feel and act in reality. It is an important thing in our life because if you are not responsible, other people is not respect with you. For example, in your community. As a part of the community. You have to responsible for treating others as you want to be treated, participating in community activities and decisions, being an active and contributing citizen. If you do that, other people will be apreciate you. So, responsibility is taking care of your duties as a human and answering for your action.

Third, act from integrity....
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