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CMF was launched in the U.S in the year 2004. It contributed to Colgate’s record share of 34.8% in 2004. At that time U.S toothpaste market was split into therapeutic and cosmetic benefits. This was the ideal time for CMF to enter into US markets. CMF was positioned as a premium brand. The concept promised consumers freshness with a whitening reassurance, using mini breath strips as the distinctive reason to believe. The US CMF product line consisted of two product forms a liquid bottle and a gel tube in two flavours Blue cool mint and Green clean mint. The packaging of the product was also quite attractive owing to the clear plastic cover that showcased the mini breath strips. It used Emily Proctor in its visual ads and this campaign was a huge success in the US market and it increased the sales considerably and about 40% of the target group provided positive intent to buy the product. Moreover, the sales increased as US market is highly concerned with having afresh Breath all the time and Colgate Max Fresh provided the US market with the same with a brand new packaging style. This also increased Colgate - Palmolive’s market share in US in the Premium Toothpaste segment. The toothpaste market was heavily skewed towards therapeutic toothpastes. The major challenge in launching the CMF was getting the consumer communication right. They had to change the name to make it meaningful in china. Freshness was relatively a new idea in China in the toothpaste category and it was challenging to advertise that concept. People in China would not have connected with Emily Procter’s character. They needed to connect with youth at an emotional level. Therefore they decided to use Jay Chow in their advertising campaign who was a leading rock star in China. Also as part of the differential marketing plan, they used new flavour, graphics and aesthetics which was essential as Chinese market was gaining popularity in new flavours. However, there were huge investments involved in...
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