How to Become an Active Citizen

Topics: Democracy, Freedom of speech, Election Pages: 1 (450 words) Published: April 16, 2013
I’m going to become an active citizen in four simply steps which are learn about the issues, figure out what is not working and try to come up with solutions, take action, and make sure to talk to others. Step 1: read a good newspaper or website like Find out what is going on and what’s good and bad about my city, state, country, and the world. Step 2: start by looking in my city you I don’t get confused. To do this, I will need to make a list of categories, which will help me break down all the problems. Some examples are: Are there problems with the public education or catholic system? Is there a lack of community in my neighborhood? Step 3: write letters, call, and meet with your elected officials. I will make my voice be heard by writing to the media or even just starting a blog or website. I can host a creative fundraising project or volunteer with an organization. Step 4: make as many people as possible to be concerned about each problem that’s happening with in our community, so that they can take their own actions and the problem can get solved. The most important thing is putting the word out there so people can act wisely.

The three most significant lessons about citizenship that I will take away from this course are the freedom of speech, the freedom of voting, and the freedom of religion. Freedom of speech is extremely important because it refers to the right of an individual to express his/her views about matter of interest to him/her with the freedom of press which means the freedom of writing which both represent their thoughts. Freedom of speech gives people the right to express their opinions without being arrested and thrown to jail. The freedom of voting is also important because it lets people choose the person they feel will represent them better. Freedom of voting is also important because a democratic government can only function when as many people as possible are able to participate in the electoral process. Freedom of...
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