How To Become A Soldier In A Trench

Pages: 3 (628 words) Published: April 10, 2016

I arrived at the trenches today. It was nothing like what I had imagined something fun as it was told when I signed up but all I heard was the noise of the gun and people yelling.
I didn’t expect anything like this. I lived in a trench with other men, it stinks and also bad food and all I hear is noise of gunshot and people screaming. I only joined the army because of my family I didn’t want them to look at me and called me a coward and also everywhere I pass I see posters saying “YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS YOU” this makes me feel like I have abundant my country and the people in it especially the ones I love.
I made promise to my wife that I will come back home but I don’t think I can make it after all these blood being drained and people screaming...

I see bullets flying, blood falling like a rain and people get trench foot these people get sent home and they can never do anything in their lives again because it is a very bad disease which can make you unable to walk and give you trench fever. It is a type of disease, which destroys your skin colour, give you headaches and if it progresses can kill you which means that you lived for nothing in the World and that’s why am also anxious for my life.
It was finally Christmas and we all thought it was time to go home but it was a lie, I felt sad because I promised to my family that no matter what happened I would be back. I thought to myself no matter what happened I would never go home so I had to fight and be brave but I always remembered my family every day, every night and every dream always sees their faces on mine.
Joining the war was the worst thing I did in my life and it will never happen again if I had a chance to escape.
I was hiding in the trenches for a cover when I saw rats eating a meat and it was really disgusting and stank as well I cleared off the rat and it was eating a dead body and bones I quickly ran out of there and I hid in another...
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