How to Be a SuperHero

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How to Be a Superhero
At some point, every little kid dreams of being a superhero. We’ve all been around those little kids who, when you ask them what they want to be when they get older, say they want to be Superman. We’ve all dreamed of being a superhero at some point, so why haven’t we become one? We didn’t know how. However, there are several simple steps to becoming a superhero.

The first step you should take towards becoming a superhero is to figure out what your superpower is. You don’t necessarily have to narrow you power down to one; you can have multiple superpowers if you want. Although, since you are just a normal person and don’t actually have any “real” superpowers, you’ll have to work with what you have because you can’t literally have laser vision or be able to fly. Your superpower doesn’t have to be something ridiculously cool like flying or laser vision either. It can be something simple. Say you’re good at running fast, maybe not supersonic fast, but that’s a start and you should go with it!

Once you have your superpower down, you’ll have to come up with an awesome name for yourself. Yeah, Superman is the original and classic superhero, but he could’ve come up with a name a little more exciting. Then there’s Batman, Spiderman, and Ironman. All the common superheroes have the same typical name; Superman because he’s super, Batman because he resembles a bat, Spiderman because he was bitten by a spider, and Ironman because his suit is iron. The names are all too similar. The villains always have super clever names, like The Joker from Batman and The Green Goblin from Spiderman. So why aren’t the superheroes’ names comparatively as canny as the villains’ names? To set yourself apart from the standard group of superhero names, you need to generate a really great and creative name for your new alter ego.

Although superheroes are super, they all have their weaknesses. Unfortunately, you can’t be indestructible. So next, you’ll have to distinguish what your weakness will be. Superheroes’ weaknesses are what makes them human and are also what makes them more interesting. It's easier for people to relate with a character that has flaws, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities than they can to a character that is simply invincible. For instance, Flash’s superpower is running fast, but his weakness is running too fast (Wilson). The fact that his power is the same thing that kills him makes him more interesting as a superhero. Besides, if you’re invincible, no villains would want to fight you and then you’d be a bored superhero.

Every great superhero has an equally great outfit. Since you’ll be a superhero, you’ll need one too. As much as you may hate it, your outfit needs to have some spandex. If you’re really a superhero, you’ll look good in anything! You’re also going to need a cape. Capes may be cliché among superheroes, but they’re dramatic and grab attention. And let’s be honest, all superheroes like attention. If you have or want to make a superhero logo, like Superman, you could put the logo on your cape or put it on your actual outfit. You should also make sure the colors of your outfit don’t clash because that’s unappealing to the eye and you want people looking at you for good reasons, not give you weird looks because your color scheme is bad. A superhero’s outfit is really what makes a superhero, besides the superpower of course. This is because people will remember your superhero identity based on your appearance.

After you figure out your superhero costume, you’re going to want to hide your true identity because you don’t want everyone knowing who you really are. If people know who you really are, they’ll want your help all the time, and that could get really annoying. It shouldn’t be too hard to disguise yourself if your superhero outfit involves a mask or something like that. If your outfit doesn’t, you could get a wig of some sort or maybe even a fake mustache. However, you should come up with...

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