How to Be a Good Manager

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In a large organization, there is a leadership that keeps the whole operation running normally. Being a manager, you are responsible for leading people to make the organization’s goals accomplished.

First of all, to find the answers of why the employees are there, what keeps them with your organization, and how makes them won’t leave during a difficult situation is necessary. Ask them how they love their job regularly. Be a good listener. Then take action based upon what they tell you to motivate people.

Second, learn to delegate. You’re a manager because you’re good at what you do, but that doesn’t mean you are supposed to it all. Job for a manager is to teach other people how to do a good job. In the beginning, give people tasks that , if performed incorrectly, can be fixed. Take the opportunity to teach and authorize your team members. Then gradually give them tasks with greater responsibility when you come to understand their strengths and weakness. Meanwhile, to learn how to anticipate all the problems they might have so you can coach them properly before they begin.

After all, when things don’t turn out the way you expected, recognize what you could’ve done differently and let your employees know what you realized from that mistake, so that they’ll handle their own mistake in the same way. Whenever you’re doing something correctly after having done it incorrectly in the past, let whoever is watching know.

In conclusion, a good manager should be able to motivate people, has assurance of people, learn from previous mistakes, and get respect from people.
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