How to Be a Good Ethics Salesperson

Topics: Sales, Customer service, Ethics Pages: 5 (1605 words) Published: August 28, 2013
The rightness and wrongness of motives and behavior in dealing with others that encompasses moral principles is called ethics. Ethics is the set of rules or standards that govern the conduct of a person or members of a profession. Ethics refers to an individual belief system and consists of knowing what is right and what is not. In organizations, the management is largely responsible for the ethical or unethical behavior of its employees. A sales manager faces ethical issues that cover the ethical dilemmas of his sales people as well as the ethical aspects pertaining to his decisions regarding hiring and evaluating of salespersons, assigning territories, etc. The ethical issues facing a sales manager may be studied with regard to the sales manager's relationship with his subordinates, the company, customers, and competitors. On the other hand, the ethical issues facing a salesperson pertain to the salesperson's accountability to the top management, and his relationship with other salespeople and with customers. The problems such as sales person responsibility, company responsibility, sales governance, clients and sales persons' relationship, inside trading and discrimination are examined in sales ethics. The fundamental ground rule for such a salesperson is “the welfare of the customer comes first and foremost”. Most sales professionals are highly ethical business people strongly committed to their customers' satisfaction. In order to develop and execute effective selling strategies, and to be viewed as a market information resource, salespeople must understand the dynamics, structure, culture, and forces that affect the industry or industries in which they work. Salespeople must understand their company’s culture, mission, goals, policies, and procedures so that they may effectively and accurately represent the company when interacting (e.g., negotiating) with its prospective and current customers

Sales ethics receive so much attention because being ethics to their customers is a fundamental competitive strategy of a growing number of organizations. The ability of those organizations’ salespeople to earn their customers’ trust is essential to the success of the strategy. Social responsibility exemplifies ethical behavior and is defined as an individual or institution's concern for the consequences of his/its actions as these might affect the interests of others in the society. Selling is a profession that has been widely criticized for the unethical dimensions associated with it.

In the realism market, sales ethic is oxymoron. For example, the business of business is making money. The responsibilities that come with selling alcohol are unlike those of any other business. Laws regulate selling alcohol: a minor may not purchase alcohol for himself or for anyone else. A person who is of age may not purchase alcohol on behalf of a minor. It is hard for sales people to be ethical. That’s why we have a rigorous sales ethic. Upholding the sales ethic is our responsibility and everyday duty. We must abide by it and make sure it is strictly followed

Maintaining a good teamwork spirit in the sales team is a crucial part of the job description. A sales manager has to motivate the team to give their best and be true resources for the company. He has to address the difficulties that are faced by the executives in achieving their targets. Customer relations is the process by which companies promote customer satisfaction and, moreover, loyalty. At its most basic, it involves managing communications with customers, particularly customer questions and complaints, and resolving disputes amicably.

* asking about customer needs in general when customers call with problems * training sales representations to handle disputes uniformly and constructively * responding directly to customer feedback

* encouraging a service culture throughout the organization

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