How to Be a Good Boyfriend for Dummies

Topics: Text messaging, SMS, Kiss Pages: 3 (508 words) Published: December 17, 2012
How to be a Good
Boyfriend for
By Krislyn Welch

Table of Contents

How to be a good texter
How to deal with her emotions
How to keep your girlfriend happy
How to make and keep plans
How to get the V

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How to be a Good Texter
Main points you need to consider:
● Texting her is important, it keeps her from
assuming things and thinking you don’t like her.
● Short texts are NOT cool, do NOT do it.
● Random texts that are cute will help you to earn
brownie points with her.
○ Ex: “You looked amazing today by the way”
○ Send her lyrics that remind you of her, as long
as those lyrics are thoughtful and nice.
Girls love when guys are good texters and can keep a
conversation going. Also, if you are going to take
30 minutes to reply to a text and if you do not have
a good reason for not replying quick, like basketball
practice, then the text message better be a good
one. Speaking about practice, when you have plans
or something that will prevent you from texting her,
tell her so she doesn’t freak out and assume you are
cheating on her or something like that.

How to Deal with Emotions
This part is very important, because a girl can be
extremely emotional at times. They may seem like they
are bipolar and a little crazy, and although that may be
true, you still have to deal with those emotions if you
want to keep your girlfriend!

Crying is a hard thing to take care of because
depending on the type of crying, they want you to do
something different, but for most crying here’s what
you can do:
● Hug her
○ Hugging a girl almost always makes her feel
better, and it is something that will help make
her feel comforted and will therefore make
her feel better.
● Speak in a calm voice and ask what’s wrong

○ If you get frustrated with her, it will only
make her angry with you while she is also
crying, and that is not a good combination. So
what you need to do is ask her what is wrong...
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