How to Be a Football Player

Topics: Weight training, American football, Powerlifting Pages: 2 (677 words) Published: October 21, 2012
How to be a Football Player
Football has always been America’s natural past time. Many fans love watching football but do not realize how hard it is to prepare for a football season. Most fans think the players just show up on the one day and perform. This belief is completely false. Preparing for a football season requires much preparation. The preparation for most football players usually includes working on strength, conditioning, and fundamentals of the game. These steps are necessary for football players to have a successful season. These steps have proven to be a valuable aid in helping players such as myself prepare for the season. I believe these steps are the basic steps to becoming a great Football player.

The first step to becoming a great football player is working to improve your conditioning. Conditioning is basically a way of improving your body’s endurance resistance and overall athleticism. To improve your conditioning you start off running for multiple times daily. Every second of the day you spend running your increasing your athleticism and the condition your body is in which is a very valuable concept in any sport. The more u condition the more your body will be able to endure and endurance is a big part in football if you plan to stay on the field. By increasing the condition your body is you will have set your self up in improve your physicality, endurance, and mentality. Next, you should start working out using weights to improve your chances for success in the upcoming season. I believe that this step puts you ahead of the other athletes. A strict weight training schedule has allowed many athletes to stay in top shape throughout the years. This second step is imperative to becoming a successful football player is by increasing your strength. Strength is just important as conditioning because football is game of physicality. To improve your strength you can start off with push ups dips and sits to get your body toned up. After toning...
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