how to be successful in a job interview

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Elizabeth Lee
Professor Sharon
Comp 101
28 October 2014

In these modern times, it is somewhat required to have a job. You must have a job in order to acquire money and provide basic necessities for yourself. Finding a job in this day and age is slowly but surely becoming more difficult, but landing the job in even more difficult. By landing the job, I mean surpassing other candidates by doing very well in your interview. Job interviews are extremely important to not only employers but yourself too.

The purpose of a job interview is to allow the company and/or employer learn exactly what the candidate has to offer as a potential employee. Lisa McQuerrey, a business writer and blogger, states that “The (interview) process allows both parties to exchange information, ask questions and evaluate the potential for establishing a professional working relationship.” There are many factors that apply to the interview process. In order to succeed in a job interview, follow these steps 1.) Research the company. Take a couple minutes and educate yourself on the background of the company, It is always good to showcase your interest in the job by displaying your knowledge of the company.

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2.) Anticipate questions or possible areas of concern. Knowing what questions may be asked will for sure ease you mind a bit. Make sure you know and understand what is being asked of you.
3.)Adjust appearance, style, tone, etc. Remain your self while being professional at the same time. Show off what you have to offer as an employee. Lisa McQuerrey notes that “The manner in which you present yourself often determines if you are offered the job. You want to establish yourself as a highly competent individual who is well suited for the position”.

4.) Arrive on time. Always show up on time. It is very unprofessional to be late to an interview. It gives a bad first impression to your potential employer.
5.)Ask questions when...

Cited: McQuerrey, Lisa. “Explanation About the Importance of Job Interviews.” Chron. Chron, 12 Aug. 2012. Web. 13 Aug. 2012.
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