How to Be Happy

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How to Be Happy
“Dream your life and live your dreams” Everyone in the world have the objective of be happy. Imagine that everyone could have that choice: to be or not to be happy. On a fair world, may be on a utopia that will be a reality. But the reality is that people is not happy, because of money, food, sentimental issue or maybe because anyone has told them how to be happy. They spend a lot of time teaching things that will be “helpful”, “useful” or just “vital” for our future but they do not spend the time to teach us how to be happy and can something be more vital than happiness? Firstly, to know what do you want in your life maybe the most important step in your new way of life. It is important because you need to know where are you going, or at least what material object or thing would make your life easier and better. How to decide what you want on your life? You just need to lie down and close your eyes and start breathing only using the nose or just focusing your mind on it, and then you have to imagine what you would like to happen on your life. You have to imagine yourself in the situation you want, how would you feel? It’s important to remember that feeling because is what will give you the motivation and the inspiration to take whatever you imagine. For example, if I want a Ferrari, I would imagine myself driving one Ferrari but when I open my eyes I have to remember what I was feeling while driving that Ferrari. Now that you know what you want, you have to get it. You have to think in what you want. The first step was imagine yourself on something you desire, but here you have to think what do you want and how are you going to get it. It is very important to remember one thing: you cannot win the lottery if you don’t buy the tickets. If you desire something that you think it is very difficult, don’t worry because there is always way. Although you think on what you would like to happen every day but nothing happens you have to continue thinking...
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