How to Be an Effective Teacher

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Being an effective teacher is harder than it may seem. It is something which comes naturally to some yet not at all to others.

With the first day of school being the one on which children may feel at their most vulnerable, they really can be a tough audience and will often make their minds up about their teacher before the lunch bell. They are away from their family home, with a new selection of peers and being faced with new challenges – all factors which can contribute to an anxious atmosphere which, in turn, can contribute to a harsh, possibly unfair, judgement.

However, it is not all bad news. In order to tranquilise the troubles first day nerves and tensions may bring about, teachers can be most effective. An air of confidence will not only assure the children who the authority figure is but will also give them faith in the capabilities of said authority figure.

Sensitivity and tact are other ever-present characteristics in an effective teacher. Children are constantly in a process of change, maturing - under adequate guidance - to be educated and responsible young adults. Teachers play a vital part in this process. Not only do effective teachers lead their pupils, they assist them on their path to maturity, resolving problems, calming worries and encouraging strengths. This is the key to being an effective teacher, an individual approach to each pupil. Not every child matures at the same rate, with the same confidence, as the next – a fact which emphasises the need for thought and sensitivity to be considered as fundamental requirements in every teacher.

Here at, we find that the most popular teachers recognised in our teacher appreciation gallery are those with something special about them. Like the invaluable traits discussed above, it could be that they show kindness or sensitivity when faced with a particularly difficult situation, that they are funny and have the ability to make even the dullest subject...
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