How to Be Alluring Person

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The Mystique of Not Seeing Everything

Don’t do anything in front of your husband that you wouldn’t do in front of a guest (pick your nose, pass gas, adjust your nylons, pick a wedgie, adjust your bra, use the restroom, etc.). Yes, he will see you get dressed in the morning, which a guest would not see, but be careful to never get so “comfortable” with him, that you show him your grosser actions.
If you managed to behave well before you married him, you can keep it up. To violate this, diminishes you in his eyes, and frankly, diminishes him in yours. If you act better in front of strange men than you do your husband, you will eventually respect them more than you respect your husband.
By the same token, try not to talk in detail about your period or other bodily functions unless you absolutely have to. It isn’t that you are ashamed or your body, it’s just that he really doesn’t want to hear about it, and frankly, by being a little discrete you can transform some rather base aspects of being human into just another element to your feminine mystery.
Familiarity breeds contempt. Discretion enhances the sense of mystique, the strange and marvelous feminine mysteries that a men don’t really understand.
Don’t take him with you for advice when you are getting fitted for a bra. Don’t let him see all the little steps that go into the finished product. Not that you can’t ever groom yourself with him in the room, just be mindful of what you are displaying. Putting on a spritz of perfume while he watches, can be alluring. Putting on control top pantyhose? Not so much. If it isn’t an attractive step, very discretely work things around so that you are in private when you get to that part. Don’t be obvious that you are shutting him out, just engineer it so that he isn’t there for those things.
Also by not doing something things around him, he is never confronted with the fact that you aren’t naturally the way you appear in the end. Of course he knows that your eyebrows

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