How to Bake Cake

Topics: United States, Philippines, United Kingdom Pages: 2 (578 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Alen Jackson M. Creencia
Comparison essay

The Philippines between the United States

There are many differences between the Philippines and the United States. In order to really understand and get a better correlation of what I am referring to, look within the differences of the culture as well as the countries and mainly looking at their business practices.

The unique difference between the Philippines and the United States are their differences in culture. The United States being and individualist culture rely on the single unit to become successful and also to utilize more of their development of personal and their professional careers. However, the Philippines are collectivists and my nature, and rely on the family unit as well as their extended family and friends when time get tough sometimes. Everything from building and developing their homes by babysitting and helping monetarily when needed. In their language, they look more of a team concept and not individual associations of support, because of his ability and cultural influence that has been present for generations.

All of the parades and celebrations of the Philippines, hosting holidays, and many other interactions includes: the celebrities, global celebrations and other parades relating to the religious holidays that they take part in. In addition, another great tradition is the blessing of almost anything relating to the living and operating in the Philippines. There is never a lack of choices in the Philippines, and each food has tradition by the way it is prepared and cooked. They have western and local restaurants; they offer anything and everything you can imagine from pastries to gourmet dishes. The malls are even set up to the respect of the culture as many stores that cater to the older generation. The Philippines offer something for everyone and with dollar, having a good currency conversion; many ex-patriots retire there and live well without the worry and concern...
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