How to Avoid Stress

Topics: Personal life, Mind, Relaxation technique Pages: 2 (612 words) Published: August 20, 2008
The primary step to avoid or mitigate the effects of stress is to know where it is coming from. Once the source is identified, it is necessary to deal with it and the sooner the better. But sometimes patients complain that even though they have looked at the problem they still feel worn out and are able to go about their daily lives. This is because they have not dealt with the problem correctly or are hesitant to finish off their troubles due to insecurity, ill advices taken or they were too rash and eager to solve their problem that they over looked certain things.

According to the article “Stress Runining Your Life!” by Jeffrey Gilbert overdoing your response to stress can yield to more damaging results. Excessive alcohol intake and even exercise can result to further negative implications. A person’s response should be something sustainable (can be regularly done and in right frequency) and basically safe and beneficial. Evaluating your lifestyle (eating habits, physical activities, etc.), having a positive outlook in life, excellent time management, and balancing your priorities are what most doctors would say some of the best ways to avoid stress and prevent surmountable loss of energy and vitality. (Jeffrey Gilbert, 31st May, 2006 …)

It is also helpful to learn the art of living consciously and being self-aware in the right way. Instead of constantly going over thoughts in again and again in one’s head and building up pressure in the brain cells, one should take some time out in a relaxing environment with preferably no alcohol or cigarettes and drugs present. During that time in a very cool and calm manner take notes as to how the problem arose, why was it allowed to affect the person under stress so badly, when did it all begin etc. This is the initial brain storming or rather problem searching time that a person tries to discover as to why he is in the condition which he was not previously. The next phase is one that should be allowed to take...
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