How to Avoid Athletic Injuries

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“How to Avoid Athletic Injuries”

Purpose: After the audience has heard this speech they should have an overall better understanding of how to refrain from injuring themselves through athletics.


Hook: Like most athletes, if not all you certainly want to reduce your chances of injury while participating in your sport. Injuries can decrease the time you spend in these certain activities, lower your fitness, and impact your performance. Sport scientists support that injury rates could be reduced by at least 25% if athletes took appropriate preventative action

Credibility: I have played sports for 10 years of my life and I have injured myself a numerous amount of times.

I. Make Sure to Stretch and Maintain Flexibility.

A. Studies have shown that regular flexibility exercises help maintain your range of movement. B. Prepares the body for the stress of exercise they are about to undergo. C. Promotes circulation- increases blood supply to the muscles and joints which allow for greater nutrient transportation and improves circulation throughout the whole body.

II. Stay Hydrated

A. Keeps you from becoming dehydrated.
B. Good way to test that is if you are sweating or perspiring C. Don’t drink too much water at one given time.

III. Don’t overuse

A. Don’t train the same muscles every day.
B. Make sure that you are using proper form and technique.
C. Don’t forget to Rest.

In Conclusion, the most efficient way to avoid athletic injuries is to, number one stretch, number two stay hydrated, and number three try not to overuse muscles. By following those simple steps in which I just explained, you shouldn’t have an issue with any athletic injuries in the future. Thank you.


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