How to Attract More Tourists to Brazil

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Every year, 700 million people travel for out of its country, vacation or the work. Of this legion, equivalent to the half of the population of China, 4 million choose Brazil as destination. The numbers mention 2003 to it, but our participation in the sector will not be very better in 2004, on which already it has available projections. And, despite twisted the favorable one and the governmental promises, nothing indicates that the country will give significant jumps in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009... The presence almost delinquent of Brazil in the called industry of the international tourism can be express more clearly of the following form: when a full airplane of tourist takes off of some airport of the planet, only one of the passengers asks for to disembark for here. The modest numbers were not enough, still have a cruel comparison. With its 2 000 kilometers of beaches, the Amazon, the Pantanal, the Cataracts of the Iguaçu and the city of Rio de Janeiro, with everything this Brazil even though receives little tourist from the one that the Cingapura small letter, the inhospitable Dubai or violent Africa of the South. Of two one: or the foreigners disapprove this vast menu of options, or are in selling out there in a mistake way.

It has 50 years, Brazil had a good excuse to be small in the sector, therefore it was a poor country and it did not make use of minimum infrastructure to attract foreigners. In that time, almost three rooms of the businesses in tourism if concentrated in five countries -- all rich ones: Canada, United States, France, Italy and Switzerland. With passing on the years, the global income improved, the tourist number improve 10 times more and the destinations have been diversified. Many countries had been benefited of the spraying, one more, as Spain and Mexico, other little, as Brazil. In its better moment, the country collected 1.5% of prescriptions pocketed for the sector. Currently, it receives only 0.5% from the total. As the world-wide tourism puts into motion trillion of dollar per year half, each percentile point is equivalent the 5 billion dollar, for top or -- in the Brazilian case -- for low. The challenge now is to try to recoup a part of this money. And after that, to fight for more space in the agenda of the tourists, being convincing to leave it house and to try Brazil. To enter in this battle the weapons of our main adversaries it's better to know a little more, among which if they detach the following countries, presented orderly alphabetical:

South Africa
Foreigners tourists: 6,5 millions.
Interest: 7,2 dollars billions.
Challenge: To convince the tourist to visit a country of high crime. Lesson for Brazil: The local authorities prevent the contact of the foreigner with the hard reality local.

At the time of the racist regimen, Africa of the South appeared as a trace in the international statisticians of the tourism. In the stated period of one decade, it obtained to changed itself into the destination that more grows in the world. And made it in an adverse environment. It is calculated that 11% of the population are infected with the virus of the AIDS. To complete, the country presents the biggest index of crime of the world is of conflagrated regions, to the front of Colombia, Jamaica and Brazil. The stimulation to the tourist is the promise -- invariably fulfilled -- of that it will be distant of mazelas local. In the visited areas more, the policing is ostensive. Hardly if it would see for there a scene as the occurred one has some days in Rio De Janeiro, when a family of Uruguayans was attacked by one group of delinquents. Filmed, the scene gained the world, serving of negative propaganda for Brazil.

Foreigners Tourists: 4,9 millions
Interests: 12 dollars billions
Challenge: Attract people to a far country with big proportions

Lesson for Brazil:
The administration of the tourism is not delivers
to the politicians. She is...
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