How to Attract Diverse Applicants

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How to Attract Diverse Applicants
Now-a-days the whole world makes a global village. So it is very important for organizations to develop their product and services for the whole world. But, before doing that the organization needs to consider the worldwide consumer demands. The reality is that today’s workplace must reflect today’s diverse world. Modern technology has made it possible for people with different religions, life styles, cultures, social backgrounds and languages to regularly interact. As a result it is critical for organizations, if they want to be successful, to have the ability and the know how to attract a diverse workforce. One of the driving factors behind the need for organizations to be able to attract diverse applicants is the increasing free movement of diverse labor force across borders.1 As employees with diverse background and abilities move freely across jurisdictions it is crucial for organizations to have the ability to attract them if they want to ensure they are hiring the most talented and skilled people. Not only does it make good business sense for organizations to have the knowhow to attract diverse applicants, it is morally correct behavior. As well, many governments are introducing a wide range of legislation to ensure gender equity, employment equity, ethical behavior and anti-discrimination, which organizations must abide by if they are going to do business in that jurisdiction. The purpose of my paper is to provide a clear definition of diversity and explain the Importance of a diverse workforce in a successful organization. The paper will then outline proven methods of successfully attracting diverse candidates to job postings. Defining Diversity

In today’s world diversity at work is a reality. Diversity means differences and all the ways in which we are different. The Oxford English Dictionary defines Diversity as, “1. the state of being varied. 2. a range of different things.”2 The concept of diversity includes accepting and respecting unique individuals. It means understanding individual’s differences. These differences can come in the form of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, economic status, age, physical abilities, religious beliefs and political ideologies. It is exploring these differences in a positive and safe manner. For an organization The Oxford English Dictionary defines Diversify as, “expand its range of products or field of operations”.3 Diversity means to make or become more varied it means to. It means having a workforce with a wide variety of employees with different backgrounds, cultures, traditions and abilities. A successful organization will merge both these definitions. The importance of attracting diverse candidates and building a diverse workforce to a successful and profitable organization An “increasingly international business landscape”4 has created a greater need for diversity in the workplace. Business travel has become easier and has increased. Modern technology and social media has made connecting with the world fast and easy. As a result companies are interacting with ease with different cultures and clients.5 Diversity is crucial for today’s companies. Throughout the world there are multi-cultural and multi-age consumers. Factors such as: their religion, their gender, their age, their race and their sex determine the type of consumer they will be. So organizations need to consider this before introducing their product and service to worldwide consumers. I mean if any organization is going to span their business activity outside their culture, outside their country, they need to research consumer demands; their behavior, their attitude, their test, their satisfaction...
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