How to Answer Any Interview Question

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Business Article Summary
November 3, 2006

How To Answer Any Interview Question.
By: Perri Capell

Summary By:
Nicholas Evenson
The article that I chose is called how to answer any interview question, by Perri

Capell. This article was taken from career journal dot com, under job hunting. The

author starts off the article by telling the reader that it is possible to answer any interview

question an employer could possibly ask you. The simple solution is to be prepared by

knowing how to direct the conversation to the topics you want to cover.

The next part of the article goes on to say that most people don't realize that their

purpose isn't to sit there and hope the right questions will be asked. Instead they need to

formulate two or three key messages that they want to convey to the employer. Unlike

politicians who ignore press questions and then change the subject, job candidates must

respect and answer the employer's questions directly. Again diligent preparation is

necessary to effectively answer any interview question.

Some of the other tips the article gives is to study hard and learn as much as

possible about the job that you are applying for. Learn all you can about the employer

and the executives beforehand so you can answer the questions better. You can also use

this information to make your qualifications fit the job better. A good example of this is if

a company is going through a rough time financially, you can say that not only did you

make good products or services, but that you produced them on time and under budget.

In conclusion I thought this article was very good at explaining how good

preparation and knowledge of a company can assure that you can answer any interview

question. This article can also be used to answer questions at any type of job interview.

And remember if you make a mistake continue on with the interview with confidence,


References: Perri Capell. (2006). How To Answer Any Interview Question. Retrieved November 3, 2006, from
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