How to Achieve World Peace

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How to Achieve world peace

Atomic Bombs, Nuclear weapons, graft, and corruption, crimes thirst, blood Name it the world has it. Nations against Nations, State against church, government against the armed forces, military versus the fascists, innocent civilians in between.

Is there still a way out?

In an instant, our lives are threatened with uncertainty our children facing bleak future. Everything seems dark ahead, everything is vague. But still everybody gropes for soothing words to say. Everybody HOPES, but then hope we must not let this go out of our hands out of our differences not even our mistakes. But rather of our principles, so that we can finally resolve and come up. HOPEFULLY with a most taken for granted word, Peace.

Yes, peace there is nothing so queer about this nothing so elusive. But only this is the most abused word its meaning drowned with the successive bang bang of guns. Our senses have become numb, our consciousness refusing to believe its existence we often regard peace with its negatively charged counterparts war, fiction, contention. Yet, we never progressed. Can we not even just for once secede from our mistakes. Learn from our past and come out spiritually uncoined?

Let’s face it our principles are as rotten as our faith in God. We may not be aware of this but it is an established fact that more often than not our tendency is to seek refuge in worldly splendor. Unaware that we are only putting a limit to our chance of finding serenity. How many of those people out there have sold their principles one way or another, Just to be where they illogically think they belong? How many of them have preferred to get into demagoguery just to win power and get in towed to the most influential part of society? And how many of us have ever thought of peace as the most basal requirement for us to ever find happiness?

There are not much rules to follow in achieving world peace, the fundamental step to this must come from every person...
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