How to Achieve True Success and Maintain It

Topics: Health, Failure, Thought Pages: 3 (634 words) Published: June 23, 2013
Success is a goal coveted by many. However, the definition of success varies from individual to individual. For some, it could mean becoming very rich, becoming famous, being content with life and relationships or helping other people to be happy. Today there is no magical formula or secret recipe to become successful. The good news is that there exists considerable literature which gives practical information on climbing the ladder of success. But remember, desired results will come only when you take the necessary action.

Some Invaluable Success Strategies

Take good care of your mental and physical health - Good health is invaluable and irreplaceable. Sometimes all the wealth and fame of the world are helpless against certain ailments. It is impossible or difficult to enjoy success and life properly without robust health.

Live in the present – Don’t brood over past humiliations if any. Stop wasting time, daydreaming about the future. Avoid thinking over things you have no control over. Ultimately, it is what you do in the present is what matters.

Failure is the father of success – No one succeeds all the time. Many successful individuals and organizations have their share of small and big failures. Instead of giving up, they learn from the mistakes they committed and persist trying.

You are what you think – Negative thoughts weaken you. but positive thoughts energize you. Surround yourself with people having a healthy positive attitude towards life. Optimism is known to be contagious and uplifting.

The right environment is crucial – It is indisputable that the odds of success depend on where you are located. Try to be in a place having good opportunities and a conducive work environment.

Learn from successful people – Success happens due to a combination of factors. Take note that it is foolish to reinvent the wheel. Use the time tested success strategies and processes to good effect.

Hard work is a necessary ingredient – Laziness is...
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