How the visual arts commuin
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How the Visual Arts Communicates
Kristen Cortez
September 16, 2013
Dr. Laura Ruiz

How the Visual Arts Communicates

Elements of Composition
Maya Lin’s piece Vietnam Veterans Memorial is a V-shaped wall made out of black granite that lists the names of the 60,000 men and women who died in the Vietnam War. This massive piece is located in Washington D.C. The memorial is placed so it looks as if it is descending into the ground. Lin’s piece has been the center of controversy over the dark stone that was used many people associate this ark color with death and many thought of the darkness as being disrespectful to the memories of the fallen. Lin’s stand on the issue was the piece was not meant to be a political statement but to give the grieving families a place to come and pay their respects. Lin’s decision to place the wall into the ground was a way to show the violence just as in the act of war, this was meant to be symbolic showing the earth closing up around the wall shows healing to the visitors that come and pay their respects to the fallen. Symbolic Significance
Controversy surrounds the Vietnam War and the Lin’s Vietnam Veterans Memorial. The Vietnam War was the longest war in American history. Many Americans did not support this war because of the opinion that is held about the politics behind the War itself. The same controversy swirls around the Lin’s piece in Washington due to how it is perceived from some. This shows how controversy can distract from what is truly important. Elements of Composition
Theodore Gericault painted The Raft of the Medusa in 1819. This oil painting is enormous it measure 23 feet in length and 16 feet high. This oil painting is done on a canvas. The painting portrays the awful conditions on a raft occupied by shipwrecked passengers of the ship Medusa. This

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