How The Universe Inspires Me

Topics: Dark matter, General relativity, Universe Pages: 1 (581 words) Published: March 13, 2015
How the Universe Inspires Me

Supergiants, the largest objects in the universe, with diameters more than ten thousand times larger than our sun, and up to a million times brighter. Supernovae, the most violent and powerful naturally occurring events in the universe, releasing up to an astounding 100*1044 joules of energy, a number we humans cannot even begin to visualize. Black holes, specks of matter with theoretically no volume, yet with a gravitational force so strong that not even light can escape after passing the event horizon. These incredible events and celestial bodies are essential for the continuation of the existence of our Universe. And yet, despite how completely and utterly we humans are dwarfed by these giants, I find it amusing how we have the audacity to perceive ourselves and our problems as important, instead of striving to understand the laws by which our Universe functions and the 2purpose behind them.

The magnitude of it all can often times be both inspiring and enlightening. I believe most people have had an eye-opening experience, namely when they realize that we are no more than an advanced species of apes that live on a small planet orbiting a completely average star. Although some people analyze this fact from the negative side, using it as an excuse to stop caring or give up under the pretense that nothing matters in the end, and that we truly can't change anything on the grand scale of the Universe, I prefer to take a different approach. In the past many people have looked up to the night skies and asked themselves what is out there. Because today we know most of the answers to this question, I ask myself a different one: "Why does the Universe work the way it does, how does it all add up and how can we harness it's laws to suit us in our pursuit of knowledge and understanding." Many great minds of the 21st century have devoted their time searching for the answers to the questions that the Universe poses us with. In my eyes,...
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