How the South Won the Civil War

Topics: Southern United States, Reconstruction era of the United States, African American Pages: 2 (555 words) Published: April 15, 2013
The South won the Civil War. History says that the North won but in my opinion that is not true. The North won the fighting but what were they fighting for? They were fighting to end slavery. They did not achieve this goal. Yes, slavery was legally abolished but it started right back up again in other forms. First there was sharecropping. Than Confederate soldiers took office. That only made matters worse. Then after they took office they managed to pass Jim Crow laws and Black Codes. The South definitely won the Civil War.

The Civil War ended in December 1865, and the slaves were free. They hoped to be treated as equal citizens who could vote, gain an education and live peacefully and equally with the whites. Many former slaves did not want to work for wages because they would still have to do what they were told by the whites. The solution seemed to lay in sharecropping, but that proved wrong. Plantation owners broke up their land into small pieces upon which the former slaves could grow their own crops. In return for seed and equipment, the sharecropper would give the plantation owner a third or a half of his crop. This was just like slavery. This would still make the African Americans go back to work at plantations. Even though slavery was abolished sharecropping was just a loophole. This was another way to force blacks back into plantations.

After the Civil War, Confederate soldiers were allowed to hold office. This allowed Southerners to pass laws that helped end Reconstruction. During Reconstruction African Americans started to have rights that whites had, like voting rights. After Confederate soldiers began to hold office, they immediately created laws against blacks such as Jim Crow laws and Black Codes. Both of these were similar in that they restricted blacks from doing common things like voting and having jobs.

With Confederate soldiers in office they could pass almost any law and they could keep the Klu Klux Klan going. It started with...
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