How the Ritz Carlton is a successful company

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BUSN601 Assignment 2

This work attempts to answer what management objectives and goals help enable the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company achieve a high level of overall success despite having to operate hotels in diverse locations across the globe. Two management objectives will be analyzed to include the establishment of company Gold Standards and the objective to enhance company online systems.

The Ritz-Carlton hotel company has been and continues to be, one of the most successful hotel chains globally, since according to the company website, it has “received all the major awards the hospitality industry and leading consumer organizations can bestow” (“Awards,” 2013). The Ritz-Carlton company has also earned the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award issued from the U.S. Department of Commerce twice (“Awards,” 2013). Along with achieving these awards, Ritz-Carlton has grown from managing a single hotel in Boston to managing over 81 hotels worldwide with plans for further expansion (“Fact Sheet,” 2013). Clearly, Ritz-Carlton is doing something right to have achieved so many high honors for its hotel service.

One reason Ritz-Carlton has achieved world renowned success is because of its established “Gold Standards” which encompass senior management’s vision and goals (“Gold Standards,” 2013). The Ritz-Carlton Gold Standards essentially outline what the company expects all employees to keep in mind as they service their customers. There are multiple portions to the Gold Standards including the Credo, Motto, Twelve Service Values, and the Three Steps of Service (“Gold Standards,” 2013). All together, the Gold Standards reinforce the Ritz-Carlton motto, “We are Ladies and Gentlemen serving Ladies and Gentlemen” (“Gold Standards,” 2013). As part of the hiring process, each new recruit for Ritz-Carlton is introduced to the Gold Standards and is given a printed copy...

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