How the Penguin's Huddle Affects Their Warmth

Topics: Heat, Temperature, Gas Pages: 3 (446 words) Published: December 17, 2013
Penguins Lab Report

In this experiment we will be investigating if the number of penguins in a huddle will affect the warmth of the penguins.

Research Question:
How does the amount of Emperor Penguins huddling in a group affect the amount of heat that is insulated?

I believe in this experiment, in a huddle, the number of penguins will most definitely affect the warmth. This is because with more penguins, there will be more people to move around and act as a “windbreaker”. Not only that, there will be more body heat radiating. Independent Variable

Huddle Number
Dependent Variable
Heat of “Penguins” in Celsius
Controlled Variable
Body Size, Insulation Thickness


17 Test Tubes
Data Log/ Probes
Pen and Paper


1. Heat water
2. Taking a cotton sheet, line the beaker with it, folding the excess cotton sheet OVER the edges. 3. Taking your 17 test tubes, put them all in the beaker
4. When water is heated, pour water into each test tube until each test tube is completely full 5. Taking a stand, attach a probe that can record the temperature into the very middle test tube, make sure the probe isn’t touching the test tube. 6. Connect it to the computer and press start.

7. When 5 minutes is up, quickly proceed to take out eight test tubes from the beaker 8. When 10 minutes is up, quickly proceed to take out another eight test tubes 9. Leave the last single test tube in for another five minutes, and when fifteen minutes is up, stop the recording and clear up your workspace.

Figure 1. Graph of our data

Data Table:
Time (sec)
Temperature (Celsius)
Number of test tubes

As seen above, the data results fall in temperature when they don’t move around and huddle together more. The temperature drops dramatically when...
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