How the Nile Shaped Egypt

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How The Nile Shaped Egypt Hannah Cogar How did the Nile shape Egypt? The Nile was practically the backbone of all of Egypt’s culture. Egypt depended on the Nile for thousands of years. They depended on it for many things, including farming, trade, protection, and it helped for them to invent many things that helped with today’s modern technology. How did they use the Nile for these things? As seen in Document B, the Nile had a yearly flood cycle that fertilized the land surrounding it. This flood cycle was made up of three parts. The first part lasted from Mid- June to Mid- October. This time was called Akhet; it consisted of all the fields being flooded with water and fertilized by new silt. The second part lasted from Mid- October to Mid- February. This was called Peret. It was when the waters lowered but were still high enough to fill the irrigation canals; the crops were then planted and tended to. The third part lasted from Mid- February until Mid- June. This was called Shemu; it was the harvest season. As seen in the image in Document C, the Nile was very important in the process of Egypt’s trading. The Egyptians used sailboats and large barges to transport their goods. The Egyptians traded things like wheat, barley, and papyrus. They traded for things like gold, jewels, and exotic animals. The Nile flows from North to South. As seen in Document A, the Egyptians were protected from invaders for many years. They were protected because of natural barriers made from desert and the Nile. With the Nile’s churning cataracts, it was not traveled on until the Egyptians could develop a strong army. In Document E, there is a hymn made thanking the Nile. This shows how important it really was to them. The Egyptians invented many things from the Nile. An example in the example in the example essay is the papyrus. The Egyptians used reeds from the Nile to make papyrus. Papyrus is a type of paper that the ancient Egyptian scribes used to record things like

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