How The Mongols Conquered Asia

Topics: Genghis Khan, Mongol Empire, Mongolia Pages: 3 (800 words) Published: February 17, 2014

During this Common Era, great empires in the Afro-Eurasia area fell due to one of the most fearsome and dangerous armies in the 13th century, the Mongols. From China to Persia, across the Nile River to Egypt, the Mongols took what they wanted and controlled what they wanted. With the Mongols military, brutality and their form of equality in the 13th century, this enabled them to conquest large territories within such a short time.

The Mongols were brutal people when they didn’t get what they pleased. They would use as much violence as they want to get what they wanted. According to a document entitled, “The Chronicles of Novgorod” , an anonymous monk in Novgorod describes the Mongols’ attack on the Knayazes and Knayazen army denying the Mongols’ demand for one-tenth of everything they owned. He states, “…(The Mongols) killed Knyaz and Knyazing, and men, women, and children…some by fire, some by swords…”. The Mongols set little value upon their lives therefor explains their no fear at all manner of danger, stated in document 3. The Mongols attracted many high ranking people those who opposes their morals. In a letter from pope Innocent IV to the Great Khan, he states, “…you do not cease from breaking the bonds of natural ties, sparing neither sex nor age, you rage against all indiscriminately with the sword of chastisement.” Replying to this letter, Changgis Khan states that the “heaven” the Pope believes in helped the Mongols in their journey to conquer great lands. If the Pope wants to questions the Mongol’s morals, he would have to know that the Pope to them is a foe. (Doc. 9). Even though their reason for such brutality isn’t so clear, but in this Common Era, this gave them an advantage by spreading fear to those who wishes to challenge them.

What really led the way towards the accomplishment of their expansion within large territories was the Mongolian Army. They were intelligent and used tactics to defeat their enemies in ease. An attack against the...
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