How The Media Influences Eating Disorders

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How the media affects body image and the influence it has on eating disorders. While magazines covers, articles, and commercials promote healthy living and exercising, they also use images of thin models, who are obviously anorexic that allows children and young adults to subconsciously view skinny as beautiful and healthy. An HBO documentary, Thin, by  Lauren Greenfield and the article Media Influences Affect Teenagers Resulting In Eating Disorders written by Tumblr famous blogger, who goes by the name, LisaMarie Out Loud both show and state how the media can have a detrimental effect on people with body image that leads to eating disorders. In Thin, the plot focuses on the clients and staff at the Renfrew Center, a clinic for women battling eating disorders in Florida (Cutler & Greenfield 2006). The film follows four main characters, Brittany, Shelly, Alisa, and Polly. All four women suffer from anorexia nervosa and bulimia. Brittany, only fifteen, has spent over seven years battling overeating, anorexia, and bulimia. Shelly is a twenty five year old nurse who has battled anorexia since she was eighteen. Alisa is a thirty-year-old patient she has been hospitalized several times for the severe side effects of bulimia in the past three months. Polly is twenty-nine years old, and has spent half of her life in and out of treatment, for her anorexia. The Renfrew Center supplies the patients with nutritionists, psychotherapists, medical staff, art therapists, and more to help them through their recovery. Majority of the women here eating disorder began when they decided that the images in the media was the “perfect” body image and they wanted to fulfill their desire to have the body that they see in the magazines and on TV. Psychologist and art therapist Liz McKenna argues, “Media plays a huge influence in leading women to have negative body image and ultimately develop eating disorders”. (The Image Trap). In the article Media Influences Affect Teenagers...

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