How the Household I Grew Up in Shaped My Indentity?

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How has the household I grew up in shaped my identity?

One day, As I stepped into my mother's room, she looked at me with her brown shiny eyes, and suddenly, she smiled and said, “daughter, remember that education is the most valuable gift you can ever get.” That is something she used to remind me very often as time was passing by. I was born and raised in The Dominican Republic, in a really comfortable environment. There were five people in the house: my mother, father, brother, grandmother and I. My family used to get along so well, that I can count the times that any of us ever argued. My mother is my counselor, I really trust in her, and I always tried to practice her advice. In the same way, the others family members influenced me somehow. But, my mother was my personal guide. I used to be the little girl of the house, since I was the only female. That is something that made me feel special sometimes, because most attention was given to me. My only brother was loved by my parents too, but he was already an adult. I was ten years younger than my brother, so that is why my parents used to call me “the little girl.” When it comes to advice, my father is a hard person to communicate with. Whenever I was doing something wrong, my mother was the one that used to tell him to say something to me, otherwise he would wait for her to do it. That is why I have always considered her, the man of the house, and my best friend. Most decisions were made by her. In addition, whenever I had to do something for school or any other responsibilities, my mother was there to help me out and remind me that I had to get the work done, because it is very important to be responsible. Consequently, I always did good in school. Moreover, my father is a very well educated person even though he is hard to communicate with. The only thing my father used to do, was to yell at me when I didn't want to wake up to go to school. He said, he was not going to waste his money in school for...
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