How the Government supports e-business

Topics: European Union, Small business, Business Pages: 2 (481 words) Published: March 5, 2014
P6-Explain how the government supports the development of e-business Introduction
In P6, I am going to explain how the government supports the development of e-business for different organisations. Training
The government and the European Union (EU) advice different businesses to help them to compete with other business online. Small businesses will find it hard to compete with the bigger business as they are not as recognised. The government and the EU will help and advise them to promote themselves so that they are able to grow as a business. Furthermore, by advising smaller businesses to grow, they are creating more jobs. As the smaller businesses expand, they will require more employees. Therefore, the will be less people looking for jobs as more business are looking to employ people. In addition, the government and the EU also train people to use e-business. Most large businesses use e-business to promote their products. The government and the EU help smaller businesses on e-business and help promote them in order to compete against other business. Funding

The government offer grants to people in order for them to start a business. However, they will have to follow a certain criteria that the government set them. Government grants are non-repayable funds set by the government in order for them to start their own business. By setting a grant, entrepreneurs are able to start their own business whether it is online or store. In addition, the government offers free training and advice to U.K businesses. By offering advice and training, the government are helping to grow small businesses in order for them to gain more of a profit. By funding smaller or new business, you are helping them to start up a business which will help create more employment. Legislation

The EU and the U.K government introduced laws to manage e-business such as the copy right law. This will help to protect business from other businesses or individuals from using the same idea as...
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