How the Earth Began

Topics: Earth, Moon, Solar System Pages: 2 (620 words) Published: October 17, 2009
There are various theories of how the Earth was created. Of course you have heard about the renowned and celebrated Big Bang Theory. This theory claims that about 15 million years ago, there was a sudden explosion in which matter was thrown in every direction at an unbelievable speed. Matter decelerated and started to form clouds of poisonous gas which subsequently formed galaxies, stars, planets like the Earth, and the sun. There are also many religious perspectives about the creation of the Earth. First of all, there is the Christian perspective which declares that the world was brought into existence by the seven days of creation. On the first day, God created light and darkness. On the second, He formed water and cleared the sky. On the third day of the creation, God created dry ground for the plants. On the fourth day, God created the sun, moon, and stars. On the fifth day, God created birds and sea creatures. On the next day, He created the land animals and humans. On the last day of the seven days of creation, God rested. From the Buddhist perspectives, the creation occurs repeatedly through time. We are actually spiritual beings that are reborn each time there is a creation. When unhappiness and misery reigns, a creation occurs. This cycle keeps on repeating itself over and over again. Finally, from the Hinduism perspectives, the creation started with the sacrifice of an ordinary man called Perusa. The lower part of his body became the Earth and the rest of him became the heavens. Of course we only have the vaguest idea of what happened unless we had a time machine where we cold travel back to the time of the creation, for now, we can only guess! Like Ivy Baker Priest declares, “The world is round, when it may seem like it is the ending, it may just be the beginning!” In other words, the quote states that when the Earth may seem like it is ending; it may just be the beginning of another world. According to Sheldon Glashow, a Nobel Prize winner’s theory,...
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