How The Democratic Party Came To Be 123

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How the Democratic Party Came To Be
The history of the Democratic Party can be traced back to the 1792 when America was trying to decide whether to approve the United States Constitution or to continue to be governed by the Articles of Confederation.
In deciding whether to approve the new Constitution, debates began to occur throughout America about whether the Articles of Confederation were better than the new Constitution. On one end there was the Federalist Party, led by Alexander Hamilton, which favored a strong central government and the ratification of the new Constitution. Most of the people that supported the Federalists were on average wealthier and more educated than the standard American. On the other end there was the Democratic-Republic Party, which was started in response to the start of the Federalist Party. The Democratic-Republic Party, formed by Thomas Jefferson, was supported by mostly poorer people; they favored stronger state legislatures, weaker central government, and were against ratification of the new Constitution. They were concerned that the new Constitution did not give specific rights to the people.

In the end the Constitution was approved. However, that approval was just the beginning of the Democrat’s story. Up until 1800 The Federalist Party controlled the government. Then Thomas Jefferson was elected and the Democratic-Republican Party controlled the government until the year 1824. The Democratic-Republican Party split in two during the year 1824. Many people are unsure of why the party broke up, but some speculate that it was due more to personality differences than political differences. The Democratic Party held its first national convention in 1832, and in 1844, the party’s official name became the "Democratic Party." Party Views

Ever since this party originated it has been focused on the sole duty of improving our country. The leaders of the Democratic Party are always thinking about how to approach each problem that confronts this country, and so far their views have led this nation in the right direction. If you are thinking about registering to be a Democratic voter then you should know what the party stands for. The Democratic Party has positions on a variety of issues, but below are some of the bigger issues.

They are: Civil Rights, Economy and Job Creation, Environment, Immigration Reform, Energy Independence, and Retirement Security. Here is what the Democrats believe we should do for each of these issues. Democratic Leaders are committed to do the following to secure Civil Rights: Enact the Employment Non Discrimination Act, Repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, stopping Racial, Ethnic, and Religious profiling, and building a better, fairer Criminal Justice System.

In order to create more jobs Democratic leaders believe we should do the following things: End tax loopholes for corporations that hide their profits overseas, Provide tax cuts to small businesses, Expand lending so small businesses can create more jobs for people, and putting people to work ( things like building bridges, roads, and ports).

We have to take care of our Environment. Democrats have taken the following steps to help the Environment. 1) The Department of Transportation made new fuel economy standards. 2) We started to catalogue greenhouse gas emissions from big emission places. 3) The Democrats have made invested money in programs dealing with weatherization. 4) The democrats have also invested money in new public transportation.

Another big issue is Immigration Reform. Democrats support the principles of accountability and responsibility. The Democrats believe by doing the following things we can make immigration better. 1) Secure the borders. 2) Punish people that employ illegals because they are taking jobs away from the American people. 3) Place the burden on people who are currently on this country illegally and require them to come forward as a first step to becoming a citizen....
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