How the Computer Has Affected Me and My Family

Topics: Identity theft, Change, Thought Pages: 2 (661 words) Published: July 27, 2011
In this paper I will be explaining how computers affected my family’s life, and how these changes have come with a price. We must realize that we will be losing security with every new site signed up for or every purchase made on-line. Not to mention all the other problems that come along with having a computer. We must be ready and aware of the risks so we can be prepared.

Right now we can practically do everything we need to do right from our family computer. There are so many tools to work with and things we are capable of doing. We can talk to our family anywhere at any time if they have the proper hook-ups. Another plus for our family is instead of being glued to the TV for hours, we are now being productive on the computer. We are doing things that force our minds to keep thinking and not just zoning out. The introduction of computers to our family also helps us come together and spend more quality time together. But, we also lose a lot. We lose privacy and security.

First off, we do all our bills on line. We check on balances, or check when the payments were received. Also we check our savings/checking accounts. This is a great feature because we get away from talking to machines and being put on hold. No more driving out in the cold or in traffic to see if we have enough money to cover your checks. This helps us spend more time together.

The computer has also introduced a whole new way of communicating with our family that live far away. It used to cost a fortune to call long distance and could take a while to get connected. Now we can talk to our family a lot more often. There are no busy signals except when the Internet is down, but that doesn’t happen very often.

In the past TV's had control over our family, but now computers have taken over. With computers we are interacting with it and our minds are always thinking. This helps our family get involved and expand our minds.

Quality family time is...
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