How the Aus Criminal Justice System Responds to Different Types of Crimes
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The Australian criminal justice system responds differently to different types of crimes. One type of crime being white collar crime or corporate crime.
First of all to define white collar/corporate crime
In the study guide “introduction to criminal justice” white collar/corporate crime is described as: * Crime committed by organisations using corporate structures * Other forms of non-violent crime * Some Characteristics include: * Secrecy- complex cover-ups * Lack of public fear- people fear violent crime. However white collar/corporate crime is not feared in the same way * Internal controls- in most cases white collar/corporate law is dealt with internally. The corporation detects the criminal and does not alert the proper authorities as they do not want to bring attention to their own security breaches, they will discipline internally * Difficult to prosecute- the accused mount long and expensive defences * Some other characteristics are common also: * Committed by persons of status or apparent respectability * Use of cunning * Committed through “legal” occupation i.e. Their legally held jobs
Basically white collar/corporate is a crime committed to benefit a company or an individual; these crimes are non-violent and are usually “sneaky”
Because of these qualities it is very hard for the criminal justice system to keep up with criminals from this category.
There is however a large number of laws and legislation to cover the topic of white collar/corporate law.

As most corporate crime is done in secrete it is very hard to trace.
Money laundering is very common and can take numerous forms.
A journal article “Money laundering. (Twenty-Fifth Edition of the Annual Survey of White Collar Crime)” defines and describes money laundering;
“Money laundering is "the process by which one conceals the existence, illegal source, or illegal application of income,

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